Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starbucks Social Media Campaign

Starbucks has developed an interesting online marketing technique to engage their customers in an interactive online tool. My Starbucks Idea is a platform for people to post ideas about new products they think would work for Starbucks, and people can vote on cool ideas they would like to see.

This is an interesting concept. Why pay marketers 6 figures a year to come up with new products when you could just ask the people who actually BUY the products. The objective being just that, people who buy the products would know more about what they want. Genius.

People are their marketing technique and the premise being that social media can allow anyone from anywhere with an amazing idea to share it with the world. An Starbucks actually puts them into action.

The most recent idea, mini Starbucks re loadable cards that fit on your key chain. Yes those handy little cards was a Starbucks customer's idea.

This is social media (FREE) marketing at its finest.
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  1. I have to agrizzle, Ms. Long... This really is a win-win approach to a corporate social media campaign! Once ski resorts start doing this, I'm definitely going to voice my opinion to have snowboard-friendly gondolas!